Saturday, April 9, 2011


Welcome to my blog, DG MakeUp, were I will discuss my favorite subject... MakeUp of course. Stay tuned to see pictures from my portfolio and get makeup tips directly from me.


  1. I like this look better. The clip art girl actually looks like you. Good luck with the launch of the blog. Dreams can come true.

  2. Hey, Prima linda decided to leave you a comment so you can know how much I support your dream good luck remember Desi they will be times it will get tough but keep going for it cause I see you being very successful love you

  3. Sandy thank I deff like this one a lot better too, and thank you for all your help and support, and good luck with your book I'm so proud of you (:

    Margaret love you !!!!! And thank you for believeing in me, I see you made your own blog too that's great how you wanna help other women who are going threw what you did you have such a big heart and I no you gonna finally accomplish everything you been trying to do.